Thursday, April 8, 2010

Battle Of The Smartphones

Hello. Okay. Let's go to the battlefield between the smart phones. I thought that I'm not gonna be another participant to witness this battle. And to my surprise (cause I was a no-no fan of smart phone), I joined and witness this battle. Gosh, now me myself is in dilemma either to get myself an Iphone or a BlackBerry. Yes, at first, I was so tempted by Iphone. Because I like its design and there is an Apple logo behind the Iphone. Haha. Where is the relevance right? Well, FYI, my hubby is more interested in BB. After hours and days of 'hasutan' from him, I tend to surf about the BB. And I found that BB is interesting also. Again, I was tempted to own a BB. But, when I 'terlihat' Iphone images on the net, I started to think that I would buy an Iphone instead. Gosssshhhh. So hard to choose.

And to continue my quest, I started asking around. I started to ask my friends. Those who use Iphone and BB. Of course la, when u use BB, u will say BB is the best. And when u use Iphone, u will say its the best. So no fair. Then again, I confide in my hubby so damn much. I trust him cause his taste is high. Especially in this kind of thingy. And if i am in a dazed and confused situation, he will ask me this question which helps me a lot while making my decision
'IF YOU ARE TO BUY A NEW PHONE, WHAT WOULD U USE IT FOR?'. And he will left me to my own thoughts. Well, truthfully, im not into games that much. I love to Facebooking, e-mailing, blogging, bloghopping and surfing whatever that is in the net. So, by today, 08.04.2010, I've made my decision. After days of thinking, analysing, discussing, negotiating, I've come to my sense. I am in for a BlackBerry Bold 9700. It's the best choice for me!!!! Thanks all for helping me all :)

Take a look at my choice. Smart kan? heehee

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