Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday, I'm Lazy...

Happy Friday all. 5 working days in a week and when it comes to Friday, i am totally weak. Can't say no to that. Friday makes me feel LAZYYYY. And SCHLEEPY... Thank god my boss is not in today. He travels a lot and that's good. You can call me a SCHLEEPYHEAD on Friday cos i am one schleepyhead. The day seems so looooongggg. Tick tock tick tock on the clock. and it's not even 3.00pm yet. I am sleepy but I can't sleep. That is another weakness in me. I can't sleep 'suka hati'. I need my bed and my bantal peluk. I need to stretch my back on a comfy bed. Memilih, kan? But that's me. Unless, I am really2 exhausted then I can sleep anywhere. Sometimes, I envy some people who can just bump their heads on the desks and krooohhh krohhh. How they do it lah? Maybe mmg kuat tido kot hehe.

So, here I am, blogging again. And to my surprise, i am not schleepy anymore. Yes, writing is my passion. I used to write a lot during my student days. No matter lah, writing in my diary ke, jotting down some notes ke, conteng2 puisi or motivation of words ke. I write just about anyhting. And it makes me fell like ME again. I LOVE TO WRITE. At least, today, it has helped me to stay AWAKE on a WORKING FRIDAY. And TGIF cause tomorrow and the day after is a holidayyyyyy before MONDAY comes. Erkkk..


  1. mun urg tua ya xda nang best.. kmk ari jemat jak ada free kit leh surfing n googling... hehehe

  2. mmg bena ya mira. hari rabu baruknya ada. yalah makin best.

  3. anyway, masih banyak gik mek nak explore tok hehe :D