Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Story ;)

While waiting for the clock strikes at 5, i spent my time browsing the net (as usual la, i always think there's something new in the net ;)). And i found this contest. Cute contest lah. From Ribena (Delia's fave drink. It's milk for her). Maybe i am a lil bit late cos this is Week 5. And they offer the weekly prizes for 6 weeks only huhu. Outdated nye saye. But, it's okay cause i can still smile. There is another segment of the contest! And its title is GREATEST LOVE STORY NEVER TOLD. woohooooo... I would like to join. Mane tau, boleh menang honeymoon pakej tuuuuu. :D. okay, if u, bloggers out there are interested, u can CLICK HERE. And don't shy-shy to share us your love story yea. Bila lagi nak glemer with your spouse? Hehe. And good luck (to me too). Reminder : The contest ends on 18.04.2010. Mark your calendar peeps!

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